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Hey there, I’m April Rose.

A bellydance teacher & performer living in Austin, TX.


My life's work is to share movement and research that highlights the timeless beauty and modern versatility of bellydance. 

I am grateful to have been invited to teach dance in over 20 countries. I have earned a Masters degree in Dance Studies from UCLA, where I investigated bellydance history and was trained in choreographic method, as well as a variety of dance disciplines.

Since my studies in bellydance began at age 11 with Daleela Morad in Sacramento, I have enjoyed touring with many classic and fusion artists, including Bellydance Superstars and UNMATA. Amy Sigil is a great mentor to me and I'm honored to boast that I am the first certified teacher of her Improvisational Tribal Style format outside of Hot Pot Studio.

I like to take a thoughtful, rigorous, and playful approach to teaching dance. If that sounds like fun to you, please come study with me! I tour different parts of the globe each year, and you can study with me anytime at Datura Online.

I would love to share my knowledge of bellydance technique, history, and percussion with you through my dancer enrichment and teacher training program, Bellydance Cohesion (offered in various places around the world):

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April Rose is an extremely thoughtful & precise artist who inspires people to take their dance to the next level.

Not only does she deeply understand how to verbalize & demonstrate movement, her work challenges the boundaries of bellydance while diving deep into cultural context and creative expression.

- Rachel Brice


Thank you to all the dancers who paved the way for me.

dance thoughtfully, dance playfully,








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